Focus CoE – Concerted action for the European HPC CoEs

FocusCoE contributes to the success of the EU HPC Ecosystem and the EuroHPC Initiative by supporting the EU HPC CoEs to more effectively fulfil their role within the ecosystem and initiative: ensuring that extreme scale applications result in tangible benefits for addressing scientific, industrial or societal challenges.

CoE support services

FocusCoE creates a platform for the CoEs to coordinate strategic directions and collaboration through support services in relation to training, industrial outreach and promotion of their services to potential users.



  • Development of a training registry and portal
  • Share training best practices
  • Developing sample training courses and materials on running domain-specific applications at scale

Industry Outreach

  • Promote the competences and services provided by the CoEs to industrial users, with a particular focus on SMEs
  • Analysis of user-sectors and market requirements, helping the CoEs thus to better target their offering

Communication Support

  •  promotion and awareness creation of the European CoE brand
  • promotion of CoE participation in, or organization of events such as exhibitions, workshops or conferences
  • Development of CoE exchange and information platforms



  • To create a platform, the EU HPC CoE General Assembly, that allows all HPC CoEs to collectively define an overriding strategy and collaborative implementation for interactions with and contributions to the EU HPC Ecosystem.
  • To support the HPC CoEs to achieve enhanced interaction with industry, and SMEs in particular, through concerted out-reach and business development actions.
  • To instigate concerted action on training by and for the complete set of HPC CoEs: providing consolidating vehicle for user training offered by the CoEs and by PRACE (PATCs) and providing cross-area training to the CoEs (e.g. on sustainable business development)
  • To promote and concert the capabilities of and services offered by the HPC CoEs and development of the EU HPC CoE brand raising awareness with stakeholders and both academic and industrial users.



Coordinating Partner

Guy Lonsdale
Scapos AG


Schloss Birlinghoven
53754 Sankt Augustin