Preparing Cloud Physics for Exascale

Author: Nick Brown, EPCC
Accelerating cloud physics and atmospheric models using GPUs, KNLs and FPGAs

The Met Office NERC Cloud model (MONC) is an atmospheric model used throughout the weather and climate community to study clouds and turbulent flows. This is often coupled with the CASIM microphysics model, which provides the capability to investigate interactions at the millimetre scale and study the formation and development of moisture. One of the main targets of these models is the problem of fog, which is very hard to model due to the high resolution required – for context the main UK weather forecast resolves to 1km, whereas the fog problem requires 1metre or less.

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European HPC Training Stakeholder Workshop in Brussels

On 8th of October 2019, the Horizon 2020 project Focus CoE, in collaboration with the European Commission, organized a European HPC Training Stakeholder Workshop in Brussels. The goal was to gather experts and stakeholders both to define the training requirements from different domains/target audiences across academia and industry, and to examine how these requirements may be met by existing or new European and national programmes on HPC education and training. Continue reading “European HPC Training Stakeholder Workshop in Brussels”

HPC CoE Council established at EHPCSW

The HPC CoE Council provides a joint voice of the CoEs in the European HPC ecosystem to strengthen the impact of HPC applications.

Applications in High Performance Computing (HPC) help tackle some of the world’s biggest societal, scientific, and economic challenges and therefore take a pivotal place in the European HPC Ecosystem alongside the development of Exascale technologies and provision of access to extreme-scale infrastructure. Many important applications are being supported through EU Centres of Excellence (CoEs) in HPC. Continue reading “HPC CoE Council established at EHPCSW”